We Are A Mind Off Kilter.

Born during summer of 2016, around Liège, on the still smoking ashes of Acid Test and the Blights,
AMOK delivers a powerful atmospheric rock combining melancholy and passion.

Eager to show their ability, their first ep is out and free, discover it !

Jérôme Lucas

Jérôme Lucas


Always seeking to improve his art

Member since 2016

David Dupont

David Dupont

Guitarist and sound maker

Some say they still hear his delay when, at nightfalln their eyes freeze in the deep black...

Member since 2016

Lionel Bolkaerts

Lionel Bolkaerts

Guitarist and lead vocalist

Hardworker who doesn't rest until his task his done

Member since 2016

Alexandre Pavel Greciusca

Pavel Greciusca


The power of his sub-bass frequencies is over 9000!

Member since 2017


Amok will be live

We are in search of gigs!

  • May
    • Thursday 17 May: BXL - La Porte Noire - With Antynomy
  • June
  • Previous shows


    Liège - La Cave à bières du campus de l'Ourthe

    23 November 2017


    Bruxelles - Ensemble contre la précarité !

    17 November 2017


    Country hall de Liège - Bal des diplômés HEPL

    22 September 2017